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About Horses | The Proper Way To Handle Horses Between Riding Lessons

Posted By: JR

However, you might have your own horse someday and find the need to understand him during times of leisure and work. The following advice can help.

Comfort Zone

As herd animals, horses need a leader whom they respect. Be fair, don’t demand of the horse more than he can give and take care of him physically. You will then become his comfort zone and he’ll willingly follow and obey you.

Proper Rest

He may feel perfectly comfortable in your presence but he still needs to spend time with other horses, grazing and wandering together. Don’t underestimate the importance of letting him be with his own kind. This means you can’t isolate him so that the only other figure in his life is you. Doing this to a horse isn’t fair to the animal, and in time he will become unhappy with these circumstances.

Be Sparing With Your Treats

Be careful about giving your horse too many treats. He’ll bug you for them every time he sees you, and it’s a short step from that to biting. You should learn this about horses in riding lessons, as no barn can afford to have its equines biting patrons!

Develop a Working Partnership With Your Horse

In a way, your horse is also your “working pet” – just like Border Collies help farmers by herding sheep, but are still a beloved part of the family.

Even though you truly love your horse, he is there to work. By frequently babying your horse, he will no longer have interest in working, which can lead to serious control issues while you are on the saddle. Your horse must hold you with respect, but without any fear.

If you feel as though your horse is a kid that requires prudence and care, you are going to develop an emotional bond that makes things more worth while on the saddle and during times of leisure.

About the Author:

By: Jim Milton

Read more on how to ride a horse by visiting Jim’s horse riding lessons website. Jim is a professional horse riding instructor who has helped loads of horse riders.

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