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Arabian Horse Facts | I Bought A Spectacular Arabian Gelding A Year Ago. All I Know About His Past Is That He Was A Show Horse.?

Posted By: JR

The person I bought him from said she thought it was hunt seat, but wasn’t sure. After over a year of riding this horse, I learn something new about him everyday! First of all, I’m an old original cowgirl; wouldn’t know diddly about English riding styles and terms. This horse is going along just fine in a western style; I taught him to neck rein very easily, and he is very well trained when it comes to leg pressure and voice commands. In fact he is what I would call a “push-button” horse. But every now and then, if I ask him for a lead change or to lope, he will go off in all these patterns of movement, that I have never seen before! Right after I got him, we were just riding around the arena, and he sidetracked out to the middle, then proceeded to sidepass all the way around one long wall. I had no idea what I did to prompt him to move like that, but I figured it out. Now I can get him to do it whenever I ask. Now, in the past few weeks of spring riding, he starts with this step that I guess i’d call jogging place? I know that sounds dumb, but that what it’s like. He brings his head down to his chest, arches his neck, and just does this footwork where they are all moving off the ground, like cantering, but he’s not going anywhere! It feels like a very spring bouncing up and down, but not bouncing hard.That totally freaked me out the first time that happened. Then, he has started this movement where he moves forward, and to the side at the same time, but it is like a skipping motion, with his front legs extended and moving way up. Everyone rides western where we board, and everyone has seen this but no one has a clue, except that they are sure that he was very well trained when I got him. I am 53 and have ridden many horses in my lifetime, but nothing English, so if anyone has any clue as to what he’s trying to do, let me know! He is 19 years old, and rides the trails fearlessly. he also has a goofy personality, and I must admit that I have never bonded so closely to any horse I have ever owned, like I have this one. I am going to try and borrow or rent a camcorder so I can play it back and watch it. It is not presenting any problems, but when he does it, it seems like it’s right when I have asked him to do something else. I don’t want to confuse him. He is the most awesome horse!Im not sure, just the usual leg pressure, like behind the cinch, or in front of, I am not sure what I do when I am doing anything to indictae how I want him to move. But it does happen only if I have let him put his head down and then ask for a collected lope.

As the others said, it really sounds like Dressage. If I were you, I would try to locate a dressage trainer to come and have a ride on him to see exactly what he knows. I would probably even pay for a couple lessons to at least find out the “cues”. Not that you will be able to go win a dressage competition, but it would be fun to “show off” on those trail rides. (hee hee).

Aaah, he was trained in very complex dressage – it takes a lot of training to get a horse to do that! What leg/hand signals are you giving him?

The jogging in place almost sounds like he is trying to piaffe.

Moving forward and to the side could be a half pass.

Those are both upper level dressage moves. I’d love to see it when you get the video done. You may have a dressage schoolmaster and not know it.

Ooh! this horse could teach you complex dressage, if you got lessons i bet you and this horse could be very good in dressage

It may not be that he has been trained high level of Dressage, he may just be on of those

nervous horses that have to move. I had a friend with a pure A mare and she was not taught to do the Piaf she would just do it when she was wanting to go.

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