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Arabian Horses | The Purchase Of The Buckskin Arabian Colt

Posted By: JR

When one is looking into an animal for breeding purposes, they have to consider several things first. Bloodlines, cost, marketability, and profit margins must be examined before any choice is made. If one expects to endeavor into the world of breeding with a buckskin Arabian without the thought to making money, they are doomed from the onset to produce substandard animals who risk rescue or slaughter. If you believe this isn’t true, try to find an expensive high percentage buckskin Arabian horse at the humane society. They don’t exist, and for good reason. People, generally speaking, do not abandon or starve horses they paid tens of thousands of for. There are always exceptions to the rule, but I have never in decades of both breeding and rescue work seen one.

So you have the resources and time to breed your own buckskin Arabian colt. Finding one can be tricky, and you will really benefit from buying a young horse from a good breeder with whom you already have e a good working relationship. My mentors have been priceless to me, and every horse I have ever purchased from them for my program has been exactly what we needed, even if I myself didn’t at first know it. So avoid trainers and buy from the ground up. This is after all a stallion, and having one come with bad manners will haunt you the entire time you own him. A buckskin Arabian is expensive to start with, and a younger horse with a breeding guarantee is likely to be much better bang for your buck so to speak. After you have looked several over at a specific stable, decide what your purchase budget should be. It may be that by working with a good breeder, you can purchase a few animals at once, and by doing so discount the total price, and odds are very good that they will find a way to make whatever arraignment you need work.

After you have selected a cold, decide how you would like him bred. Some breeders choose to breed diluted mares to the buckskin Arabian stallion, potentially giving double dilute foals such as cremello and perlino. This can be done, but the foals cannot be claimed honestly as Arabian as they are completely disqualified for registry with any accepted Arabian registry program. Many old time horse buyers will not consider a horse with pink skin and blue eyes, and they consider it a defect, not an asset. This makes the pure bred mare a better, safer bet for quality foals. Your percentage goes up a generation, and even though fifty percent of your foals will not be diluted, they will still be quality animals bred firstly for their ability and build and secondly for color. One only needs to look at the Paint horses of today to see the tragedy caused by breeding only with color in mind, and most of us have no desire to see the buckskin Arabian go the same path.

Remember, you are breeding to a set standard, and should make your choices accordingly. It is on you to bring in foals better than their sires, and better than that of your competitors.

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Sarah is a professional farrier, Arabian horse breeder, and avid animal fan.For more information on all animals check out her site at TheGenusGenius or go see more of her buckskin Arabians.

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