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Facts About Horses | Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad’s First-ever Diwali Issue

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A 100-year-old tradition of Diwali Ank has maintained its popularity for generations. This year too the special issues have a variety to offer to the readers. With the good old ones a few new Diwali Anks too have been launched, two of them from the city.

Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad has brought out its first-ever Diwali issue with the theme ‘Literature and Society’. The issue has interesting features and articles by scientist Jayant Naralikar, Asha Bage, Narendra Chapalgaonkar and others. There is a separate section of articles written in various dialects in Maharashtra and also a special section for

City-based Punyabhushan Foundation too has come up with its Diwali issue Punyabhushan. The fact that the magazine is dedicated to Pune and Punekars, makes it unique for citizens. It’s all about Pune and all the articles have been penned by Punekars including Raghunath Mashelkar, Sudhir Gadgil, Ravi Paranjape, Jayant Naralikar among others. It gives a picture of the past, present and future of the city.

Comic magazines like Awaaz and Jatra are still the most popular with readers and have come up with a dose of comic articles and
numerous cartoons to add to the joy of Diwali.

Ruturang, another among the list of popular magazines, makes an interesting read with the theme Maza Janmaghar. Famous personalities from various fields have written about their birth places. The readers will also get to know about the home and place where Sant Tukaram, the saint poet, was born.

The glossy look and thought-provoking articles have made the Diwali issue of the magazine Anubhav attractive as usual. The articles are based on contemporary issues and the world around. Besides this, the readers will get to know interesting facts about horses and can also see China through the eyes of writer Vishwas Patil.

Chhand too has come up with an issue based on creative literature. It also has a special section of 16 pages on calligraphers, photographers, artists, printers and more, who play an important role in publishing industry. The section also throws light on various aspects of construction industry.

It is interesting to know the favourite stories of famous writers like Da Ma Mirasdar, Rajendra Banhatti, Bhanu Kale and others. The very first section of the magazine Prapanch is dedicated to favourites of the stalwarts. There are other regular sections of articles, poems, and stories too.

Purush Spandan has chosen the bold topic of sexuality as the theme this year. It aims at educating and informing the people about the various aspects of the topic and its personal and social dimensions. While, health magazine Shatayushi is focusing on obesity. A magazine based on astrology, Grahasanket tells more about Lakshmi Upasana. Vasudev Deshmukh delves into the mysteries of reincarnation in his article while Jayant Karandikar has written about pranayam.

Head of Padmagandha Prakashan and a veteran publisher Arun Jakhade said, “The Diwali issues have a steady readership. The comic magazines still are the most popular followed by magazines on health and astrology. There are around 400 Diwali Anks in the state but quality is maintained only by around 50.”All these magazines are available in the range of Rs80 to 150.

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