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Fun Facts About Horses For Kids | A Horse For Christmas (Thoroughbred: Ashleigh, No. 2)

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Before Thoroughbred, Ashleigh Griffen lived at Edgardale, her family’s farm in Kentucky. Nothing could be more perfect than life on the farm with her family, her favorite horses, and her best friend, Mona. Ashleigh loves helping with the horses–and dreaming of becoming a jockey some day…

Will Ashleigh lose the horse she loves?

When Ashleigh Griffen first found Lightning, the poor mare was thin and sick. But now, because of Ashleigh’s loving care, Lightning is a beautiful, healthy horse. Ashleigh dreams of all the wonderful things she will do once her family has officially adopted the mare.

But then the humane society announces that they’ve found another home for Lightning–and they’re going to take her away right before Christmas! Ashleigh is frantic. How can she make them understand that Lightning belongs to her?

  • Title: A Horse for Christmas (Thoroughbred: Ashleigh, No. 2)
  • Author: Joanna Campbell
  • ISBN: 0061065420
  • Publisher: HarperEntertainment
  • Pub Date: 1998-12-01
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