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Fun Facts About Horses For Kids | It Always About The Damn Horses?

Posted By: JR

most of my life is horses.im 16 now but for the last 14years it was horses, nothing but horses. my mom is obsessed with them and the farm. what she finds 2 do down there for hours every day is beyond me. when i was 15 i made friends with these boys who raced dirt bikes. i never really interested me i sticked to the horses. then my uncle let me have his 4wheeler bc he moved away. twice a week i rode it to keep it working, then i began to get really good. after awhile it became alittle more 4wheelin alittle horses. by the time i turned 16 i was the best, beat my friends,flying through the feilds and everythin else. my mom started 2 get angrey bc i was hardly down in the barn. BUT i did chorse, moved hay, groomed a horse or 2 once in awhile. then a friend suggested ATV racing, i was all over that. and 2 race u gotta get really good, so every nite i practiced. my mom bought me the stuff i needed, but wen ever we went 2 a place 2 get gear she ALWAYS said something about the horses, it bothered me, but yet i said nothing. to keep her happy. the other day i told her i was goin 2 ride my 4wheeler, she said don’t u wanna ride sasha(my horses name) i said no. she flipped out. then finally i came clean. i told her it was hard 2 have interest in something wen ur forced to do it and/or had fun of. she did understand.she said if u feel that way don’t bother comin home. then she walked off mumbling how she should have made me ride everyday, bc one of her friends kids is a olympic champion. (like i really give a shit her friend does) now she still mad at me. and she’s tellen EVERYBODY how i only care about one thing. and wen IM IN THE SAME ROOM TOO! ive done everything 2 make up for the mistakes. she still make me feel like crap, she RUBS in the fact how her friends daughter is winning medals, that im such a terrible kid. hell im even trying 2 get As and Bs.1) what are some of ur opinions?2)what can i do 2 make i better?

Express your concerns to your mother. Just say that you would like for her to respect your interests and preserve her opinions on certain things. Understand, though that she has a right to an opinion and can express as she pleases. I am sure a middle-ground can be achieved.

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