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Fun Horse Facts For Kids | Why Does The School Facility Do Nothing About This!?!?

Posted By: JR

Okay, this happened last year, but its laid on my mind for a while. Last year, a well known (around school) mentally challenged foster child, started hanging around me. I suppose I befriended her, because I’m nice to everyone. I drew her a horse picture, and treated her politely(even if she did annoy me a bit). Well, she always hung around me at Lunch, and these kids across from us began to shout crude remarks at her, us. They made several homosexual remarks about her, and were just all out rude. I know she was made fun of in school, for being slow, but it wasn’t up to her face like those kids were doing.Well, what bothered me the most was the fact that there was a faculty member sitting right by us. She did nothing but tell the girl to ignore them, and when the Lunch was over she only say “They were very rude to you, they were very rude” She did Absolutely nothing to help! I know I didn’t either I guess but I just kept talking to her, and drawing for her like she had asked me to. I at least excpected the teacher to do something about it though, and I think the principal was there to.Did they not help because the mentally challenged girl was about to graduate? Or was it just them being unprofessional about the whole situation? It really disgusted me.What bothers me as well is the fact that these kids are aloud to shout all the profanity they want, even with the principal right beside them. They are never punished for screaming “FUCK” across an empty cafeteria.Well that girl has long graduated, but I just can’t help but wonder why they didn’t help her. Can someone please enlighten me?

I was teased a lot back when I went to school as well. Usually it was behind the backs of faculty members because the teacher’s would say something to the student if they caught them, but the only thing they told me to do was to ignore them same as in the case you mentioned. Legally there is little the schools can do to stop such behavior and I think they are afraid sometimes to take action because it might bring up a ridiculous lawsuit if they did. Of course it’s also possible that some schools simply do not care what the students do to each other as long as there is no pysical violence involved. Personally I think the entire situation is a bunch of bull.

Yeah it was unproffessional of them not to help her. The teacher should have suspended them and tell their parents that it will not be tolerated. I give you props for continueing befriending her because people would chiken out and follow the in crowd. You showed your friend she was special and that makes me want to cry because its very hard to find a true friend like that. Teachers for some odd reason dont do anything about it and it takes a young soul to stand up when the adults are the ones that should be setting a good example. I used to go through that with my old friends. I stood up for them when they where ambushed and the enemies would shut up their faces and thats all it some times take is one bold voice against the demons.

That is horrible!!!!

Children that behave that way should be suspended from school.

And as for the teachers and principle I would have a word with them.

They cannot allow such behavior to take place. They should put policies into place for all students.

Have a School assembly and make everyone aware of these issues.

This is a very serious matter and I would take it up with The Board of Education. Breaks my heart to have read this. I would enlighten you, but you already are an enlightened soul.

Bless you Child

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