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Horse Anatomy | Are You Interested In Attending A Thoroughbred Horse Sale Or Public Auction?

Posted By: JR

Important questions to ask yourself before going to a particular event include what your purpose of going to the auction would be. If you wish to simply look around and not actively participate in the sale, then you could attend without having to do any real race horse research. Thoroughbred buyers and sellers always do research on the horses and consigners which will be in attendance of thoroughbred sales and thoroughbred sales auctions.

If you are looking for a race horse to send to the racetrack, then it is imperative you look at how the horse looks and is put together. Is the horse heavy or light boned? Has the horse had any issues in the past such as injury, vet problems, surgery, and bone or shin injuries? These are factors considered in the thoroughbred industry to decide a horse to be a good racing prospect or not. Light bone could make the horse much more susceptible to bone injury or bone damage in its racing career. Big boned horses may well look and be stronger, however, not all big-boned horses have went onto become champions, so it is important to look at the overall horse condition and bone conformation.

New bloodstock buyers should consult an independent thoroughbred bloodstock agent to view thoroughbreds on their behalf, although buyers should get themselves educated in thoroughbred horse anatomy and the skeletal anatomy of an equine to be able to communicate effectively with sellers and agents.

Before a thoroughbred auction, the auction or sales company will usually send prospective thoroughbred buyers a catalog containing the pedigree (the breeding information, family racing and breeding statistics, and thoroughbred bloodlines) for all horses going through the thoroughbred sale. Get your catalog early, contact your chosen sales company and become clued up on thoroughbred racing statistics before the sale commences. It is best to know what type of racing or breeding prospect you are looking for before opening the catalog pages. Are you looking for a grass/turf race horse, a horse to run short distances, or a long distance runner? Breeding can tell you if a horse will able to handle short distances, sometimes there can be thoroughbred who are not supposed to go long distances according to pedigree breeding, so this reason in itself should researched fully. For now we will look at general thoroughbred sales and how new buyers should prepare.

Thoroughbred horse farms and training often take hundreds of thoroughbreds to these auctions, so there can be thousands of potential horses at any one sale. Knowing exactly which horse will suit your racing preferences before the sale will help you to find the horse you want. Consider attending the days before the thoroughbred sale, to analyse and view thoroughbred being inspected by other buyers and agents. Getting accustomed to the thoroughbred sales procedure will make the thoroughbred auction go much more smoothly for you and your racing investment. Watch how other thoroughbred buyers are conducting business at these auctions to make sure you understand the processes involved in choosing the perfect thoroughbred for sale.

About the Author:

Since a very young age, I have been in attendance of thoroughbred horse auctions in the UK and the US. In my time at auctions, I have seen horses sell from as little as $500 all the way up to $16 million dollars. Thoroughbred sales in Kentucky and Florida have been the most impressive.

I would just like to simply help new thoroughbred buyers be aware of the important factors which determine a high priced thoroughbred horse from a cheaper horse which sells through a thoroughbred sale.

B Kirkham is the author of this article about the thoroughbred horse auctions and sales companies. For more information about B Kirkham visit his Web Design Blog.

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