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Horse Breeding | Clinton Anderson And Downunder Horsemanship To Be …

Posted By: JR

Every Sunday afternoon (1pm mountain time, to be exact) RFD-TV airs an hour-long episode of Clinton Anderson’s Downunder Horsemanship program. In a day and age where many equine trainers are entirely focused on a horse’s pedigree and almost insist that any horse not crafted from the most prestigious bloodlines be looked upon as insignificant, Anderson has taken on a most commendable project.

Adopting a young mare from the horse-rescue facility, Habitat For Horses, this acclaimed Aussie expert is in the process of rehabilitating and training ‘Cider’. Working with her from the ground up, he has overcome the horse’s neglectful and abusive past, teaching the lovely girl that humans can be kind and trustworthy.

At the end of the process, which is showcased on Anderson’s television program for many weeks running, the mare will go to an experienced, qualified, horse-friendly home in a special drawing. The horse and her tack will be worth (if one can put a monetary value on something so incredible) an estimated 30k.

We should note that Clinton Anderson isn’t some rookie who’s trying to make a name for himself. He’s one of the most recognized names in the industry and is highly sought after for horse training, riding instruction and nationwide appearances.

His tour stops, sponsored by Wahl Industries, are always packed to the rafters, with tickets selling for approximately $25 per person (with some tickets gifted to loyal customers).

He works diligently with apprentices when at his facility in Texas (to which he recently relocated from Belle Center, Ohio) and is known for working his own horses at any available hour. Sources say it’s not unusual for him to be out in the arena at 3 a.m.

This is a professional who is entirely dedicated to his craft. The only reason Anderson would take on a project as time consuming as training an adult horse of unknown lineage, entirely for the purpose of giving her a new lease on life and ultimately giving her away to a deserving horse aficionado at the end of her schooling process, is because he’s a good person.

Not only is he a good person, but he’s a great horseman. It’s only a great (and true) horseman who would look past the names printed on a horse’s breeding registry and into the heart of the animal.

There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of riding (really riding, not just sitting on top of) a horse. You’re experiencing something that has been part of human history for as far back as most human minds can conceive – horses have been part of historic battles, a trusted form of transportation throughout the ages, and loyal working partners in various industry.

If there’s such a thing as horsemanship sainthood, Anderson’s got my nomination. And RFD-TV gets a great commendation for airing this fantastic program, too.

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S.L. Robertson writes about horsemanship, televised equine events, TV programming and DISH Network. She is considered an expert in her fields. Robertson is trusted by her loyal readers to keep them informed about entertaining horsemanship developments and DISH Network packages, along with related fun and relevant media topics.

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