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Horse Breeds | Bonus Unplug And Play Saturday

Posted By: JR

Jervis Library will hold two Unplug and Play game sessions this month: a bonus session on Saturday from 1-4:30 p.m., and the regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21 from 5-8:15 p.m.

Both sessions will be held in the library’s wheelchair-accessible auditorium. The Unplug and Play program features face-to-face tabletop games, such as board games and card games.

“Tabletop gaming sessions provide an opportunity to ‘unplug’ from technology,” said librarian Peter Chien, who runs the program. “People are encouraged to bring their own games, plus, the Unplug and Play program has its own collection of over 80 games for ages 8 and up.” said Chien. “We also provide popcorn and lemonade to participants,” he added.

On display in the library’s Unplug and Play game case is the recently donated game Horse-opoly, a take-off on the popular game, Monopoly. In Horse-opoly, players collect horse breeds instead of real estate. Game play is similar to Monopoly, but the horse theme is used in every element of the game. Horse-opoly is now part of the Unplug and Play game collection and will be available for play at meetings starting in February.

On the net: www.jervislibrary.org (click on the Unplug and Play logo).

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