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Horse Breeds | Social Standing Between Different Horses In A Herd

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There are many interesting facts

in the horse breed history with respect to the Arabian horses. Napoleon, Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great all admired Arabian horses greatly. These horses are the oldest of all the horse breeds and are known to have an indomitable spirit. The Arabian horses are renowned around the world for their sturdy looks and are popular even in faraway places such as America.

One thing very particular about Arabian horses is that they are extremely energetic. This, together with amazing intelligence makes them eminent beyond or above comparison. They are of mild nature and can be easily groomed… Arabian horses have a distinguished place in competitive events and are also used as show horses. Arabian horses have been considered as a symbol of prosperity and royalty since ancient times.

The Turkish and Barb form yet another breed that is popular among American betters. However these breeds lost their sheen after the Chickasaw horses were introduced by the Spanish adventurers.

The Tennessee horses

are renowned for their speed and endurance. The name Tennessee is derived from the region of the same name, wherein this breed was developed by cross breeding the Canadian Pacer, Narragansett and some thoroughbred horses.

The Tennessee horses have many unique features such as the flat foot walk and the running walk. As far as racing tendencies are concerned, they are second only to Arabian horses. They also offer a very smooth and enjoyable ride. The Tennessee horses are gentle horses and are as brilliant as the Arabian ones. But unlike the Arabians horses that are more robust, the Tennessee’s are noble, easily manageable and of a gentle nature.

A running walk on a Tennessee horse is an unmatchable experience as it is less strange or eccentric than the Arabian horse. The Tennessee breed is also used as a show horse. They form an integral part of gait competitions. Thus, due to so many impressive features, a horse of the Tennessee breed is a must-have in your herd.

A breed called American Quarter horse

is preferred by many experienced riders for leisure horse riding. A Quarter horses is a cross between the native Chickasaw and the English thoroughbred. These horses are best suitable for short distances as they can gain great sprinting speeds over the quarter mile. They also have muscular features with sturdy appearances that are best suitable for a trial racing.

American Quarter horses are one of the fastest horses. An American Quarter horse has a rugged appearance and boasts of strong muscles. It may prove to be your best bet for long distance races. American Quarter horses are seen in 16 different colors and the most prominent color is brownish red. It is indeed a pleasure having an American Quarter horse in your herd.

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