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Horse Breeds | What Type Of Horse Breeds Are Their With A Successful Equine Registry?

Posted By: JR

What is the main show registry for horses. Otherwise what is the AKC for horses if you understand what AKC is. AKC is the dog showing registry that everyone shows at. Well, not everyone but a huge amount of people. I want to look at registered horse breeds for the correct registry. Any help is well appreciated!

That depends on what you’re looking for.Each breed has its own registry–AQHA for Quarter Horses, AHA for Arabians, ApHC for Appaloosas, etc. Those organizations put on “breed shows,” which are recognized shows for that particular breed. Each organization has a world or national level show for the best of the breed. If you’re looking for the best horse in a particular breed, or even a particular class within the breed (like the best Quarter Horse in Western Pleasure, or the best Arabian in Park) then you’d want to look at the point standings from the breed organization, or the placings from the highest level of showing (nationals, worlds, etc.)–though just like in dogs, that’s a few people’s opinion at one show on one day, and it could change from day to day.If you’re more interested in the best horse (regardless of breed) in a chosen discipline, look for the organization of that discipline. For instance, you’d look to USDF to find the winning-est dressage horse, or to NBHA to find the best barrel racer. USEF is the governing organization of a lot of disciplines, but you won’t find everything there. The best Western Pleasure horse in the world isn’t going to be listed there. It really depends on what it is you’re looking for, because there are so many different facets of showing and competing.

I don’t really undertsand your question however I will try to answer it. In the U.S. there is American Warmblood Association which is a registry for all warmbloods, I live in Canada but I’m pretty sure it’s the same way as we run our Canadian Warmblood Association which is where all horses entered into the registry must be inspected and approved first. The other 2 main registries are the American Paint Horse Association and American Quarter horse Association all horses entered into these registries must be purebred Paints or Quarter horses and both parents must be registered. Also there is the Jockey club which is for Thoroughbreds. For many breeds there is different registries I suggest researching it and asking around.

Yeah, as said before – different breeds have different society registries.

Here in the UK there are societies for miniature ponies, Welsh (all types), shires, clydesdales, thoroughbreds, coloureds, palominos etc. The list is endless.

Each have their own standards for each breed (except for coloureds and palominos which are colours not breeds). Each have their own shows and classes. Each issues passports and stallion licenses and offers advice on their breeds.

There is no umbrella registry for every horse in the world. Each different breed has a different registry. Some examples are APHA for paints, AQHA for quarter horses, TWHBEA for Tennessee Walkers. Each breed puts on its own separate shows that require the horse to be registered in the registry to compete. No arabian wants to show against a paint horse in an expensive show, so the associations break up each breed into its own shows with judges that know the breed. If you are looking for the association that your horse is registered with you can google the breed and put association after it.

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