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Horse Facts And Information | The Kids’ Horse Book

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Most children dream of riding a horse at one time or another, so it’s not surprising when they clamor to know everything they can about their favorite four-legged animal. Enter The Kids’ Horse Book, the ultimate guide to everything equine. It’s brimming with information about pony and horse breeds, useful advice on grooming and basic riding techniques, fascinating facts, and more. Presented in a flexible format that encourages either browsing or reading from cover to cover, the book is set up to engage curious minds on many levels. One spread is a history lesson; the next, a horse board game. Readers learn such things as what the different parts of a horse are called, what animals are related to the horse, and how to recognize a good riding pony. But they also get to solve puzzles, unravel mazes, and learn to draw a horse ” there’s even a section full of horse-themed jokes. An abundance of detailed illustrations complement the text, while full-color photographs showcase this majestic animal, sure to add vivid detail to a young horse lover’s dreams.

  • Title: The Kids’ Horse Book
  • Author: Sylvia Funston
  • ISBN: 1897066376
  • Publisher: Maple Tree Press
  • Pub Date: 2004-12-10
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