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Horse For Sale | Does Anyone Have A Miniature Horse For Sale?

Posted By: JR

My daughters birthday is coming up soon and I want to get her a miniature horse because she has been talking about them non stop if anyone on here has one for sale i would greatly appreciate it if you would email me a picture of it and the price…price should be no less than 300 and no more than 1000. Thanks a lot!

Http://www.geocities.com/meghansoftball08/rescues.htmlthat is a good list of horse rescues by stateyou could also try:www.equine.comwww.dreamhorse.comwww.horsetopia.comwww.petfinder.com

You could check at Petfinders.com. They have listings for all kinds of animals. You search for your area by zip code. You can also check on line to see if there are any available close to you. Good luck, I’m sure your daughter will be thrilled!

My friend does from ill his name is nathan his number is 217-563- 7894 u could give him a call

I do but it will grow to a big one,

Go to ebay, you don’t have to register to look, type in horse or horse miniature in the search box

Check out craigslist.com for pet listings in your area.

As well, although Ebay was mentioned previously, you can not sell any living thing on Ebay. So it is not possible for you to purchase a horse there. Sorry. 🙁

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