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Horse Fun Facts | Arabian Horse Facts???????Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!?

Posted By: JR

I need a lot of fun facts and facts about Arabian horses.Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO RUDE OR MEAN ANSWERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are a lot more pateet than many other horses they are really rambunctious they run alot and if you get a good one they will be loyal and protect you. they live longer than most horses.

They are dished nose, high tailed, free running, stubborn, little dogs

Other horses have 8 ribs, but arabians have 6 🙂

They have a reputation of being ‘flighty’


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One less vertebrae than other equines.

The bedouins valued the mares highly and the mares actually stayed in the tents with their families.

If I think of more I will let you know.

Here are some facts I found for you. I hope this helps!!

The Arabian horse saw the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, is mentioned in the Old Testament, was a captured prize during the Crusades, and served as a mount for Ottoman Turks set on capturing Europe.

The protrusion that is over the forehead is called the “Jibbah.”

The Arabian bloodline has been kept pure since its beginnings in the desert.

The Arabs were the first to domesticate Arabian horses.

Some, though not all, have 5 lumbar vertebrae instead of the usual 6, and 17 rather than 18 pairs of ribs. Thus, even a small Arabian can carry a heavy rider with ease. Arabians usually have dense, strong bone, sound feet, and good hoof walls. They are especially noted for endurance.

There is no other horse that has influenced our modern breeds of horses so much as the Arabian.

Arabians dating back 4,500 years.

They are one of the top ten most popular horse breeds in the world.

There are six known genetic diseases in Arabian horses.

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