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Horse Health | Equine Nutritional Considerations All Horse Owners Must Be Aware Of

Posted By: JR

There is nothing more important for a horse’s health than having its daily nutritional requirements met. This is more than feeding it a few equine supplements and plenty of water. A horse that doesn’t receive its necessary vitamins and minerals everyday can become seriously among other health concerns. Just like you or me, it will act out of sorts and not up to par. The last thing you want to do, either, is go for a ride on an animal which isn’t in the best of spirits or moods.

The first you should understand is that a horse’s diet is dependent on a number of different factors. These include age, weight, health, breed and level of physical activity. You need to put all of these factors into consideration when planning out a daily diet for the horse.

Most horse owners stick with a diet of both grains and hay since these two feeds can provide the majority of a horse’s nutritional requirements. You can also add equine supplements to its diet too. I would first recommend asking your veterinarian as to how much and what type of supplements would be best for each horse. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

For many horses, the majority of their diet is forage. It is only logical then that you would provide high-quality hay and pasture. Hay of poor quality means the horse is forced to eat more in order to gets its required daily calories and nutrients. When feeding your horses hay, give them hay with a nice and healthy green appearance. Make sure it has lots of leaf matter too. Some horse owners look inside the bale since the exterior of it is sometimes deceiving. Also how you store the hay is extremely important. Hay that is stored in a covered shed and kept off the ground is a better quality feed for your animals.

I personally like to provide my animals with a horse feed mixture which can be found already pre-mixed for you at many feed stores. Look for mixtures made of oats, barley, molasses, oils, and beet pulp. Also there are different mixes available for the type of horse, for example competitive, stallion, senior, etc. Make sure the mix is made from feed that the horse will eagerly eat, but that it is also balanced and healthy. If it won’t eat or stops eating the mix, there is a possibility that the horse doesn’t like the feed.

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Ted Stinson is an equine enthusiast who writes various articles on horses and the best methods of caring for a horse. Many of his topics include subjects ranging from the best horse blankets to use to what type of equine supplements work best.

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