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Horse History | Antivirus Firewall Software And Their Importance

Posted By: JR

Take the comparison between a virus and the Trojan horse virus. While both are viruses they are in two different categories. A virus enters your system through normal means either downloaded by the user or installed forcefully through unprotected areas. This was made ineffective for the most part with the development of protection software. However the Trojan horse virus was created to combat this as well.

Much like the Trojan horse talked about in ancient history classes this virus is meant to fool antivirus firewall software into thinking that it’s benign and just a typical junk file. However much like the wooden horse in history once it’s inside it lowers all defenses and opens the gates so to speak. Recent advances in software have made it hard for this particular type of software to get into your machine and they rely on tricking people to download them manually.

This negates the ability of antivirus firewall software to keep the threat out as you tell it it’s just a normal file. No matter how advanced a protection program will always defer to the judgment of the user. Once inside you need to be able to remove the threat before it can do much damage which is why you need to run a system scan with your installed software.

Running scans every week can help protect your machine and keep it in good running order. If you suspect your machine has become infected with something then an immediate scan may be critical to saving your machine. Failure to do either of these results in leaving your computer wide open for an infection by a virus or other form of malicious software.

This is why identity theft has become such a problem in recent years. People just assume that because their computer is running okay that they don’t need to do anything special to take care of it. This mentality is often the approach that people use in reference to their own personal health and in the end it fails them. However unlike a biological virus a software virus can make off with personal information resulting in identity theft if it is not purged quickly enough.

Antivirus Firewall Software programs may seem like a pain to install and manage sometimes, but they can save your life as far as your information is concerned. Identity theft is on the rise and without protection your information is at risk. Failure to protect yourself opens your computer up to spyware, adware, viruses, malware, and other forms of malicious software attacks. In order to safeguard your computer you have to treat it like a fortress and defend it as such.

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By: Kathy Johnston

Read more at my site, Software Firewall. I also run these other related sites: Antivirus Firewall Software and Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat.

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