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Horse History | History Of Horses And Horse Backing Riding?

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Well I’m writing this paper on horse (obviously) and I’m getting off to a rough start. I would like to dedicated about two paragraphs to the evolution of horses and the different breeds, but then I would like to mainly focus on the art of horse back riding starting from the indians.I ride hunter-jumpers so I’m aware of some historical horse facts, but not the kind I need. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

The first site below describes the evolution of the horse. The second site includes the history of horseback riding./

Well, horses were first used as vehicles for battles. This was from the dark ages, till probably the first ranged weapons were invented. Even, then they were still used for this, even in American history they were used as battle animals and beasts of burden.

They were first brought into america by the Spanish to trade with native americans in exchange for food, fur, and seeds. That’s pretty much a summary of how they came to be in the modern world.

Well hte history of dressage anyway….lol…

it was origianly a way to train horses in ancient roman times for war. if would distaract the oppenent and horse could manuvre more easily. back in those days there werent as many “commands” as today…but it branched of to diferent countries and eventually became a sprot. lol

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