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Horse History | Training Your Horse

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Horse training

refers to a wide variety of practices that teach horses to perform certain behaviors when asked to do so by humans. Training your horse takes time and lots of patience. At the start, it will be a matter of trial and error, to determine what distance and type of surface your horse performs better on. Training your horse is important if you want to work together to achieve anything whether it’s basic riding or more complicated activities such as eventing, reining and cutting or dressage. Training your horse will go much more smoothly if the animal trusts you.

When training your horse you need to take on the roll of herd leader. Train your horse with positive encouragement rather than forceful scare tactics, also training to overcome fears will build your confidence as a rider.

Training your horse to lead flawlessly is not just for your personal convenience or to look good to others; disciplined horse leading is also a matter of safety. If you only spend time dressage training your horse, it will soon feel you are going to spend every minute ordering him around. Getting Started at a Walk When you’re training your horse to do something that has several parts (walk up the ramp, stop at the end, stand still, don’t back out, etc.

Beforeyou start training your horse each day, check all your equipment. Training can begin when the horse is a yearling, or even younger. Training yearlings is the best way I have found to get a horse ready to be broke out.

Training a horse requires patience and understanding of how the horse responds to his surroundings. All horses are individuals, so it’s difficult to say how long a training session should last, but anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes twice a day. As time goes on, training will become more formalized, with specific goals in mind. Teaching good ground manners right from the beginning will result in a horse that is a joy to own, while keeping yourself as safe as possible. Teach them slowly as young horses can only learn a few steps at a time and it is easier in the long run to work on one thing at a time. Teaching your horse to lead starts with grooming as this lays the foundation for future training. There are ways to teach a horse to load properly, and like all training endeavors, their relative ease depends on your patience and your horse’s history.

Consider Clicker Training Your Horse

: Clicker training has become a popular method for training dogs, and was originally used for training aquatic mammals. You can also begin to incorporate the clicker into your horse’s regular training. Clicker Training is a good way to improve your timing. Clicker training can help you refine your communication and your timing, so that you can make it very clear to your horse exactly which of his actions you like. This type of training makes people more observant, they have to watch the animal all the time, looking for something good to reward, rather than looking for something bad to punish. Clicker training is genuinely rewarding for horses, especially since they no longer have to worry about avoiding punishment. .

Training and caring for your horse properly also depends a great deal on adhering to routine. Training your horse can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. Training your horse creates a bond between the horse and you, also it can be one of the most rewarding things you do with your horse, and by taking a few precautions you can insure that both you and your horse remain healthy.

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