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e-mail support First Name : E-mail : LearnHow to Become a Better Rider byTrainingthe Riding Muscles for Riding.By learning how to use corestability and independent muscle movement patterns you can trainyourself to become a better rider.This program is now one of the most effective available It is followed by top riders all over the world It is followed by riders just learning to ride as well It is relevant to all riders, at any level, because it trains the rider, not the horse.(I guarantee this will workfor you.)Learn how to be 100%effective with your aids and ride your horse or any horse withconfidence and skill The control of the pelvis and thedeep core muscles is the key to skilled riding in any discipline.This program will teach HOW.Now thecomplete program is available on DVD as a free bonus(in conjunction with theE-book)Not sold separatelyIf youwant to learn Pure Pilates but not all the horse riding movement patterns then look at *Pure Pilates and Posture Pilates training DVD* for more Information.Readon for more details I can teachyou to ride with skill confidence and talent.

I taught myself Iused to be a sloppy unbalanced rider I hated it I developed thisprogram for myself because I hated bouncing at the trot andgetting poor comments in my dressage tests.

I had a poor ridingposture and was not effective with my aids

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