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Horse Names | Horse Racing Handicapping Information Sources And Reliability

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One thing that isn’t questioned very often is the quality of information for horse racing handicapping. Several large companies offer an array of programs, tip sheets, pace analysis, pedigree statistics, and track bias reports. Some handicappers use a combination of those reports and others rely mainly on just one source of information. Then, of course, there are those few who make their way around the backstretch picking up tidbits of information from jockeys, grooms, trainers, and even the stable cat.

Have you compared your results with the different horse racing data products that are available? For instance, have you gotten a racing form sheet from several suppliers and then watched the races to see how their pace and speed figures held up? Don’t assume that all racing forms and programs are alike. While they may have the same horses names in them and a lot of the same information, much of it varies.

The official clockers who time the workouts are fairly universal, but speed ratings do vary along with variants and how those final speed figures are computed. The algorithm used by one company may vary widely from that of another supplier. Like people who handicap horse races, those computer programs have their strengths and weaknesses.

You may find a company that is right on the money with its two year old statistics, but its pace figures may be off. One company may predict winners well at one track but fall flat at another, just as individuals sometimes win at one race track and lose at another. The point is that a handicapper is only as good as the information that he or she uses. How do you know which company or source to trust?

It’s a matter of trial and error and requires some effort on your part. Start by reviewing everything that is available. Sometimes you can pick up good tips from other handicappers in online forums, but be cautious and take everything you hear with a healthy dose of skepticism. On the other hand, you’ll occasionally find some good info about what other horse players are using and winning with.

Look at it this way. Let’s say you’re losing a steady ten percent of your bankroll over the long haul. If you find a source that is just ten percent more accurate, then you can instantly improve by that much. Anything higher than that puts you in a winning and profitable position and let’s face it, the reason we bet on horse races is to make a profit–not a loss. Check out all the programs and spend the money it takes to start with the most reliable information and you will start out ahead of many of your competitors.

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