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Horse Training | Ark City Man Demonstrates His Horse-training Prowess At KNID Agrifest

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ENID – About 100 people watched as Arkansas City, Kan., native Scott Daily demonstrated his horse training prowess at the KNID Agrifest Saturday morning.

The 3-year-old brown colt, Caveman, was a bit skittish, but remained generally cooperative as Daily paced him around the ring, walking, trotting, running, stopping and backing up at Daily’s urging.

“He’s a ‘little-nervous’ horse, but he’s not bad,” Daily said as he explained to the observers what he and Caveman were doing.

Occasionally, Caveman wagged his head as if disagreeing mildly with Daily’s commands.

Caveman wasn’t keen on having a rope slipped over his head. The horse moved his head away instead and it took several attempts for Daily to bring the rope around.

The bullwhip didn’t scare Caveman, though. He remained nonchalant as Daily cracked the whip over his head.

Keeping a watchful eye on the sidelines was Caveman’s owner, 6-year-old Kelton Arnold. Kelton is the son of Troy and Kim Arnold.

Kelton admitted he’s eager to be able to ride Caveman in the near future.

“Scott breaks all of our colts for us,” Troy Arnold said.

The last thing Daily did before leaving the ring was stand on Caveman’s back, as he thanked his audience for coming to see his horse-training techniques. He told the crowd he’d be happy to answer questions if they wanted to linger a bit and ask any, but only a few stayed to ask.

Daily worked with Caveman four sessions during Agrifest.

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