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Horse Training | Horse Training Success.

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All The Questions You’ve Asked About Training Your Horse, Answered How many bad habits does your horse have?

Phil Tragear Melbourne,Australia The dream of a wonderfully obedient horse who is a joy to ride and care for is the common dream of all horse owners But you have a problem with your horse, right?

That’s why you’re here Most people buy a horse and come up against at least one frustrating problem that is too difficult for them to solve You do your best but it’s not enough.

Imagine knowing that today when you visit your horse, the whole time will be harmonious and FUN Wouldn’t that be FABULOUS?

How would it feel to relax and enjoy your time with your horse?

No fear, no stubborness, no biting, no charging, no rushing, no refusing.. your horse pleased to see you.. ears pricked, eyes bright, working happily…

How great would that would be….?

And imagine feeling completely safe around your horse… confidentthat your horse is bombproof.. calm in traffic, quiet around dogs…happy out on the trail on his own.. A horse to be proud of andenjoy.

And then you quit daydreaming and get back to reality.. It doesn’t have to be like that All in all, your book has been terrific.It has shown me a kinder more connected way to break and train myhorses I am Thanks for everything.

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