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Horses Facts For Kids | Why Are Horses No Longer Slaughtered In The U.S.?

Posted By: JR

isn’t it a waste of natural resources? Canada and Mexico still have slaughter houses, but not the U.S. Aren’t horses awfully large animals to leave dead and uneaten with all the starving people in the world? I’m not kidding about this. Something is wrong with this picture. How are they so different from cattle and sheep? If a person eats beef, how can they be taken seriously when they say they oppose horse meat? Because some people have horses as pets? So what? Horses have been part of humans’ diet for thousands of years. http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/horse_slaughter/facts/facts_horse_auctions.htmlThisIsNotAmerica–no, I haven’t eaten horse meat, but that’s not the point. I’ve eaten quail, dove, buffalo, deer, elk, sheep, goat, cattle, wild turkey, frogs, and all sorts of fish. But my point is, who decides which animal is a pet and which is livestock?

Lmfao but ya if my horse failed me id eat her sorry azz too..

You can have my share.

Dogs need to eat too.

We still do in Florida. That’s how we store up for food in the winter and glue together the kids school clothes for next Spring.

All leftovers we sell to the Vietnamese restaurant in Orlando.

Then go have a huge horse steak if you like it so much. Last I heard, we were making glue out of horses.

I’m with you on this. I have no love lost for horses. They’re large vessles meant for transforming hay into gas.

Like that is really a pressing problem i the US with 10.1% unemployment in September.

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