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Horses Mating | The Horse Breeding Profession

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The main function of horse breeders is to specialize in a particular breed of horses. Some of the commonly bred horses are Arabians, quarter horses, thoroughbred and saddlebred. A particular breed is said to be successful if the horses have won in many competitions and horse races. Foals from successful breeding are bought and purchased by people who take interest in gaining similar fame attributed to the horse breed. Horse breeders maintain a record of accurate details related to their horse breeds. They also ensure the security of the horse bloodline for the current and future time to come.

As there are various breeds of horse, so are the different types of horse breeders. Big breeders of horses typically have numerous animals to breed and they are equipped with the modern and most effective tools in horse breeding. These breeders may have breeding laboratories located within the vicinity of the breeding ground where processes like embryo transfer and artificial insemination needed for successful breeding are performed. The laboratory may be equipped with communication antennas and have many working staff. There are also those small backyard breeders who can produce up to two foals each year. No matter which breeder you choose, it is not the size of the breeder that counts but the quality of the foals they produce. What’s important is the excellence of the animals and how they are properly cared for by the farm breeders, owners and employees of the farm.

There are many professions related to treating horses. Horse breeders or breeding farms are mainly focused on the health of the horses, mating of equines, pregnancy and birthing of mares and the proper care for the foal. Small breeders may have up to two adult female horses or mares while large breeders could have numerous groups of stallions and mares for breeding. The main goal of breeders, big or small, is to produce quality foals that can be offered to probable buyers.

If you are planning to buy your horse and are on the lookout for horse breeding farms, there are things which you need to consider prior to the actual buying. First and foremost, you should check the bloodlines of your chosen breeding stock. You can check this by looking at the horse breeder’s accurate record of wins in races and shows. You may also take a close look at the actual breeding farm. By doing this you can personally see if the animals in the farm are in sound health and happy conditions.

Keep in mind that happy animals and youngsters look shiny and sleek, plus they are willing to be investigated. If the animals in the farm look poorly maintained such as having potbellies, uneven coats and appear unenthusiastic, you may find another breeding farm from which to make a purchase. The condition of the horses will greatly depend on how well and kind they are taken care of in farms. You may also check references and inquire from the previous buyers from the farm to check whether or not they do professional business with clients and animals.

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Horses are of different breeds and being knowledgeable about these breeds is what’s required of horse breeders. Visit Horse.com.au to look for horse breeders and other horse professionals who can help you with your equine animal concerns.

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