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Horses Mating | Why Do People Watch Horses Mating On Youtube?

Posted By: JR

when my friend told me about it I thought he was playing so I watched one to see if was true when seen it was I was amazed at how large the horse Penis was I am from the city so I had never seen one that long be foris it wrong if I would like to keep watching them

I am a horse fan but watching that is a bit weird, don’t you think?I think its probs best for you to keep to normal porn not animal lol

That’s nice.

You Watch Animal Porn.

Good For You.

I would say you’re a little messed up in the head, and vajjj area. Get tested, then start dating big black people as an alternative.

I have a horse and watching it mate and then talking about its penis on the net is a little weird so yes there is something wrong with you!!!!!!!!!

I don’t, because to me, watching live cover breeding is about as entertaining as watching PAINT DRY. I can think of a zillion other things I’d rather do than that.

IdK. But I don’t see why… its the cycle of life. It’s not that entertaining.

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