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Images Of Horses | Brill War Horses Remembered In Spielberg Film

Posted By: JR

A VALE man who was inspired by the new Steven Spielberg film War Horse has unearthed images of horses in Brill being selected by the army in 1914.

John Prosser, 84, who has lived in the village all his life, has a family diary which dates back to 1806 when his family company Jennings was founded ” later known as Jennings and Prosser.

The diary features business details such as listings for funerals, coffins and staff-wage payments. It also includes a note to say that the army had asked for all horses in the village to be lined up so they could be selected.

The new film is based on the story of a horse which is sent to the front line. Mr Prosser said: “It seems remarkable now, that all the farmers were required to bring their horses onto the village green and the best ones were selected.”

The picture belongs to his friend, 85-year-old Dennis Rolfe, who has also lived in the village all his life.

Despite the picture and diary entry, Mr Prosser has no intention of watching the new movie.

He said: “I haven’t seen the film.

“It’s supposed to be a bit of a tearjerker and I am a bit of an old softy, so I might give it a miss.”

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