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Information About Horses | Can Anyone Give Me Information About Horses Willingly Entering A 3 Foot Space Between 2 Wire Fences?

Posted By: JR

My neighbor is suing me for damage to his fence and he says that my horses were in the 3 foot easement between the fences. It is about 2000 feet long. They would have to knock loose a flag fence hooked on the corner post across to the old fence. I don’t think any horse would go into an area that they would have to back out of. If anyone could give me their opinion or better yet a website to back up this information I would really appreciate it. In addition, they are saying that the horses bent the field fence back toward their neck instead of away from their neck when they leaned over the fence. Help…

The first thing I would ask is does your neighbor have photos of your horses in the easement? Or pushing the fence over? Or is he sueing you based on what he thinks happened? Three feet wide is not much space considering a normal horse’s size. I would think that they would get tangled when they tried to turn around in it, and would have some cuts and scrapes at the least. It would be up to him to prove your horses did the damage, not you proving they did not. Good luck, sounds like you have a rotten neighbor

Not that i know of

Lindy H It’s your news?


My gelding would go through the cow shoot fencing, narrow alley way…it was pretty long. He is very curious. He started by following me.

Horses do all sorts of things we owners stare at in amazement.

What I am curious about is how does your neighbors know your horses did this? Is there pictures? Did someone other then them see your horses in these positions? Would be hard for them to get the money out of you without proof. Do they have horses of there own who have access to these areas?

It sounds as if you do not have a great relationship with these people anyway, am I right?

I also have had horses pull the wire fence inward and outward. Horses can be distructive….Need to get rid of that wire and put some panels up….that have gates etc.

Good luck, move your horses if you can. This sounds as if it is going to get worse…

I can’t see any reason a horse wouldn’t go in, especially since they can see all through it. They may not go into an enclosed dark area as willingly. This why horses tend to be very accident prone they if they can walk into, stick their head into, or catch a leg in it it needs to be blocked off well. If the flag fence is more than about 3 1/2 feet off the ground they can slip under if they really want to. I’ve seen drafts get under 3′ high stall chains, not practical but possible.

On the other hand, I can’t see them backing out without help or encouragement. Who saw them in the area? What do they say happened, how did they get back in your pasture? Is he claiming they all piled in together? I also think a fence bends away but theirs no guarentee that it always does. It seems like he will need more proof than his word but you’re doing good trying to show it wasn’t them.

I don’t know how common deer are in your area but they commonly cause damage to fences in michigan. If they don’t clear it orsee it they can even bend cattle panel. If one didn;t realize there was a second fence so close it’d it’s very likely to land on it .

Sorry I couldn’t be more help. Good luck

With out evidence, there is no case.

1) Is there photos of YOUR HORSE doing this?

2) Is there any photo’s taken of the site of damage done of hoof prints and any form of the ground being greatly disturbed by sliding hoof prints? If any human prints are available in graph, it can void the prints as it could easily state that it was human error, not Equine error).

3) Is there evidence on your horse? Most horses I know, especially mine, will have some injure result when breaking objects like a fence and bending objects (soreness most difiantly).

I can not picture this area as have to see it to know. However, if they have no evidence, who is to say a person did it?

Now, just because you don’t think a horse would, doesn’t mean they will. My horse’s like to prove me wrong a lot. It seems that is their mission at times. Just heads up, horses can be as dumb as smart as they are and can also do things we never thought they can. My youngest gelding is one of those horses. You tell him “no” and he gives you that look of “Yeah. Whatch me” sometimes.

Pretty much it is here say. I would recommend placing this horse away from area of their’s. I would also recommend keeping your horse and property supervised. I don’t wish to judge them badly but I have had my horse’s valdalized quite a few times when they got revengful. Assume to protect at the moment.

There’s no doubt that the horses could have and would have gone into the lane way if there was good grass down there. But, did you ever find any signs of damage when they supposedly did it? Where would they have gone in?

Where there any signs of tail hair on the wire? manure? hoof prints?

Do they wear rugs or headstalls? Horses can easily pull a fence “inwards” if they get caught on it by a rug clip or halter buckle and pull backwards.

I highly doubt they can sue you successfully unless they have evidence.

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