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Information About Horses | Does Anyone Have Any Information About Horses For A First Time Horse Owner?

Posted By: JR

I am about to become a horse owner of 2 beautiful paints. Is there any tips, hints, or information that would or could help me?

Get a better source for more reliable information than an internet forum like this one! Any bonehead can log on and give all kinds of bad advice (just look at some of the answers here if you don’t believe me. Even a greenhorn could figure out that some of them really don’t know what they’re talking about. Interview several trainers and find someone who is knowledgeable and uses methods you can live with, and who will work with you and your horses as you run into problems. Simply sending a horse to a trainer is of limited value, if you don’t know how to maintain the work that the trainer did. You don’t say how much training these beautiful paints have. If they aren’t well-trained, and they’re your first horses, you’ll probably find that they are more of a source of pain and frustration than pleasure. You will enjoy horse ownership a lot more if you start out with trained horses. If you’re committed to keeping these two, you really need hands-on training help from someone who can see just what is happening. If you have specific questions about what your trainer is doing, then ask him/her but you can also bring those questions here for more perspectives.There are also online discussion groups where there is a focus or a particular training philosophy offered. These are safer sources of ideas than a general forum like this one, because they’re a consistent group of people who will respond consistently and you all get to know each other. Even so, a beginner needs someone who can actually see all the aspects of what’s happening. You might not realize that something you do is causing the horse to react in an unwanted way, so you wouldn’t mention it when you ask for help online. An experienced horseman with you could see that problem and help you resolve it quickly.I wish you all the best with your horses. There’s nothing better than developing a good relationship with horses and gaining their willing cooperation.

ALWAYS ask when you need help! Always be confident!


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Good Luck!

It costs a ton of money. get alot of brushes so u have plenty. and make sure u have extra halters and leap ropes. in case one breaks. and make sure u have plenty of treats.

UM!!! You really shouldn’t be getting horses if you know nothing about them ( my disclaimer 🙂 ) I would say you take a couple classes and clinics , they have them. Also just get a horse book from a library they give you a whole lot of info! Make sure you have at least 8,000 set aside for the year ( tack, feed, medical, shoeing, etc) That is not a exaggeration at all it cost at min 4,000 dollars per horse per year and you are getting 2!!! I would recommend you really think twice about getting one let alone 2 if you know nothing about them. Also make sure you have a trainer, vet and farrier before hand. They will give you alot of info. Make sure you have alot of hay and a pre paid place to keep them. There is just so much to know!!! Look up colic, trush etc these are just common problems you must know about. Make sure they passed a vet check. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE READY!!!! And GOOD LUCK

Your question doesn’t indicate whether you are purchasing or being given these horses.

Horses are very delightful to own but make no mistake, they are powerful animals and can easily hurt you or someone else if you are not an experienced horse owner. The questions I ask when purchasing a horse are: Is it broke to ride; who is it being ridden by; how long has it been ridden; where has it been ridden; is it gentle or spirited; does it stand for the farrier (horse shoer); does it trailer, does it tie, is it respectful, does it buck or rear; does it cross bridges; is it used to traffic; current on vet care and worming; has it ever foundered; what kind of feed are you feeding it. Can it be ridden away from other horses and/or the barn.

Since you are an inexperienced horse owner, you should consult books, online sources, trusted horse owners, the BCH (Back Country Horsemen), local stables and any of the vast number of forums and riding groups available to you through the internet.

I would want to know the answer to these questions as well as if it is suitable for the use you are intending. In other words, do you intend to ride these animals for pleasure or to show them. I would like to know that they are sound, that they have not been injured in some manner so as to make them useless unless they are only going to be pets. Be prepared for feed expense, vet expense and farrier expense as well as a safe place to keep them.

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