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Information About Horses | Showing Your Horse

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To have your horse do what he does best and to show him at his best is the purpose of showing. Showing should be fun. Knowing that you and your horse are completely prepared for the class you have entered and are ready for the challenge to show your ability should help you relax and perform well in the show. Never show off in the arena. The show arena is a place for strict rules and work. The more you show, the more confident you will become with showing. Your past experience and knowledge will help you in the show arena.

Most of the work for the show arena has to take place outside of the arena and long before the show. The actual amount of time that you have to show your horse’s ability is very short therefore your horse has to be trained before entering the arena. A large class may only take as long as 20 minutes or more which means there is no time for training in the arena.

Be prepared far enough in advance of your class that you do not have to rush. Make sure that every detail is correct. To make sure that you do not forget anything a check list is helpful. Check your tack and make sure that it conforms to the requirements for the class. You also need to be dressed correctly. You can be disqualified and in some shows you will not be allowed entry into the arena if you have the wrong tack on the horse.

After all the preliminary preparations are completed the warm-up of the horse should begin. You need time to get yourself prepared mentally for the show ring and get stiff muscles loosened up. The length of time you need to get your horse warmed up will vary with each horse. Some horses take longer to warm up than others. Never attempt to train your horse before the show. Use the area or areas provided for the purpose of warming up.

Timing your warm-ups so that you are finished when it is time for the class to begin takes practice. It is never a good idea to make the class wait for you. You should be ready and waiting when the class is called. Some shows only allow a short time before the class is closed.

The classes are serious and should be conducted that way. You need to put forth maximum effort once the class starts. Avoid bunching up when you are in a group class. If it becomes necessary you can short cut corners and pass other riders. Your horse should be placed in such a position that the judge can observe him. Keep a reasonable distance from the other horses in the class. Do not place your horse between the judge and another person’s horse. This is bad manners in a show ring.

Line up in the center of the ring promptly when asked. Do not get too close to the other horses. There should be enough room for the judge to take a closer look. Even though the judge has already walked past you, stay posed as you never know when the judge will turn to look back. Remember also that the audience is still watching. Showing only ends after you exit the arena.

Win or lose, always do so graciously. After the awards are presented exit the arena in an orderly manner. The show arena is a good experience. Whether you win or lose there is always room for improvement. For more information about horses take a look at thebestofhorses.com .

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