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Horses and Pony Facts

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Horses and ponies are thought of as being the same

but they are actually different breeds. A pony is not a small horse. Horses are usually

Horses and Rider

Horse and Rider at the El Sobrante Fair

around 15 to 16 hands tall. Ponies are smaller about 13 to 14 hands tall. Ponies are hardier, sturdier and their hooves are more solid then a horse.

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Horses are castrated to keep control of the horse population. When that is done they are called geldings (to be geld). As newborn horses are call foals, colts for males and females as fillies. You have heard people referring to young boys and girls as “like a young colt or a young filly”. Once the horses get older they are called mares or stallions and the ones that are castrated as geldings. One of the reasons that some horses are not geld in for breeding purposes.

 Even thou mankind were dependent on horses and ponies,

man were very harsh in taming and training horses. The taming was referred to as “breaking” a horse, which sometimes literally broke the spirit of the horse or pony. But thank goodness that type of training is rarely practiced in today’s equine training.

Equine training today take more humane approach, like gaining the horses trust first.

Then gradually introduce tack and backing. This is done slowly as the horse or pony gets use to different aspects of training. Ground work (training without a rider) like lunging with a rope is one of the techniques that modern trainer use.

Once a horse or pony gains trust in the trainer,

he will be easier to learn different cues and verbal commands. Like when to walk on, when to stop, when to trot or canter. Most “horses “and ponies have a high sensitive feel for what is need. A horse when trained properly can take cues or commands by just the slightest pressure that its rider gives with his or her knee.

So even thou horses and ponies are no longer the main mode of transportation, they are still a very big part in peoples live all over the world.

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