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Mustangs Horses Facts | Stallion, Mustang And Shetland Pony?

Posted By: JR

can u give me a bunch of stallion, mustang and shetland pony facts. my lil’ bro is doin’ a project and i said i would help him out. please give the horse life cycle and facts about the horses shown above. thx.

A stallion is a term for an intact male horse, a mustang is a wild horse and shetland is a type of pony. That’s all the help you get from me cuz your lil bro should be doing his own homework so he gets an education by learning on his own and doing a little work to get it, not getting help from everyone else..Whisper This… College of Equiknowlogy.

A stallion is simply an intact male horse of any breed! It still has his testicles and can breed. Do you want to know about stallion shetland and mustangs? I am confused, what exactly does he need to know? Is it about breeding horses,or about the different breeds? If its about different breeds, then what about knowing of stallions???????

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