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Photos Of Horses | Do My Horses Look Good?

Posted By: JR

Well, I took some pictures which suck but I’m not going to get very good ones in this weather. Please read the descriptions so you understgand the pictures.This is Brandy, almost 10 year old Arab/QH Marehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/horses_and_stuff/5611694700/This is Jed, 25+ Morab Geldinghttp://www.flickr.com/photos/horses_and_stuff/5611093323/in/photostream/And These are two pictures of my lovely Roxy, almost 17 year old Grade Paint Mare.http://www.flickr.com/photos/horses_and_stuff/5611091701/in/photostream/http://www.flickr.com/photos/horses_and_stuff/5611676552/in/photostream/So, what do you think of them? And we only tied them to trees there because it was the only dry place, and the background is our dogpen and cathouse, and the cats like sitting on those chairs. lolJust if they look healthy to you, if they look in shape, and stuff like that. Any comments you have on them.

What exacly do you want our opinion on ? Confirmation ? Overall look ? You didnt say. There all, nice looking horses. you just need to get them in shape. Do lots of trotting to build up muscle.

The paint is pretty

Yes your Horses look Perfect and Healthy! Great job taking care of them!

They all look slightly over weight but healthy. Get out riding a little more often and they’d look great.

They look well fed and content, which is the important thing. im sure they will take much better pics in the summer without that winter coat.

I think they all look perfectly healthy, possibly on the chubbier side for some 🙂 but its just more to love, and it could be all of the hair too. I dont think there are any major signs of trouble from these photos, but why do they need lice powder? If its nothing serious, then they’re all good and healthy looking 🙂

They look very happy and healthy. Haha, don’t you looove sheddy horses! Lol

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