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Pony Pals | Online Horse Games – Fun, Free, Safe Games For Girls Who Love Horses

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Online horse games are a great way for girls who love horses to spend their time when they are not riding. There are lots of cool, free horse games to play.

Here is a list of some of the best:

•Riding Club Championships is an online horse game that allows you to start a stable and compete with your friends and even with people around the world! You will start the game by getting practice lessons from an instructor until you are familiar with how to handle your horse. You can download the game for free and you’ll get two hours of free game time.

•Club Pony Pals is a free online game based on Jeanne Betancourt’s Pony Pals series, that lets you adopt, care and ride as many ponies as you want in a virtual world known as Wiggins! Get into the game for free by registering with your email address at the game’s official website.

•My Horse Club is the first free 3D multiplayer horse riding game on the internet that lets you collect horses, equipment, ride freely, join competitions and meet, chat with other online riders. You can join this exciting 3D horse community by registering for free. In some countries, you can purchase trading cards that allow you to unlock other features in the game.

•MyStable is a free game that is based on real horse genetics where you can breed and train your virtual horses. In the MyStable community, you can be who you want by choosing whether to become a breeder, trainer or a trapper of wild horses. Just create a free account and start playing.

•Horse Isle is an online multiplayer horse game that lets you into a virtual world where you can choose and capture your own horse from over 50 unique breeds. You can then care for, train and compete with them. This horse game is also free.

•Howrse is a free online virtual horse breeding game that lets you learn the basics of taking care of a horse and your own equestrian center. It’s very popular and has an active community of horse lovers.

•Capalls is a free horse SIM game that allows players 13 years and older to raise, train, groom and compete on their virtual horses. Did you know that Capalls is the Irish-Gaelic term for horses?

•Bella Sara is a free game for girls that let them explore a magical world of horses. Registration and play is free but you will need to purchase Bella Sara products if you want to unlock new features and chapters of adventure.

•Horseland is a free online 3D game where you can play with thousands of people from all over the world. You can care for, train, compete and trade your horses or dogs and even create your own jumping courses.

•Show Jumping is a Miniclip game that allows you to jump through courses within a time interval. It may look simple, but it’s really challenging – especially at the higher levels.

These online horse games are not just free, fun and great for play. Parents are assured that these games and their online environments are safe, enjoyable and suitable for kids. And with all these horse games to play there is no reason for kids to be bored if they can’t be out riding!

About the Author:

When Sydney Rose is not riding, she loves to play online horse games. She created her her website, http://www.HorseCrazyGirls.com, as a safe, fun place for girls to play free horse games, share reviews and tips and more!

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