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Quarter Horse | Boy, Horse Both Under The Weather At Clare County Fair

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Clare Managing Editor

Neither Clayton Denton nor his horse, Jingles, were feeling very well at the Clare County Fair Friday.

Clayton, 12, a member of the Giddy Ups 4-H Club, was fighting a cold.

Jingles, an 18-year-old American horse, was dehydrated and had an upset stomach.

“She doesn’t like the water here,” Clayton said of Jingles, who he showed in Western pleasure.

Clayton, a student at Clare Middle School, spent most of fair week in bed, only going out to show Jingles and his steer, Red Bear.


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On Friday, he walked her around the horse barn at the fairgrounds in Harrison to keep her from lying down, which can cause stomach and intestinal issues in horses when they are ill.

Rather than staying at the fair until today, Clayton’s family was getting ready Friday to take Jingles home.

Clayton, who took third place in trail, said it was a bit difficult to show when he was feeling under the weather.

Clayton has been in 4-H for about three years, and prior to that rode and led ponies when he was in Cloverbuds.

He first rode a pony when he was 6 years old.

Moving up to a horse was a bit scary at first, but Clayton enjoys riding Jingles.

Clayton, the son of Tim and Mary Beth Denton, has been working with Jingles for three years.

Jingles is a registered foundation horse, with a stocky build, heavy musculature and a compact appearance.

That information about Quarter horses and more was attached to the front of Jingles’ stall at the fair, letting visitors know about the breed and about horse and rider.

Friday wrapped up 4-H events at the fair.

Today, the carnival midway remains open, along with two shows by Circus Pages, a motocross at 7:30 p.m. and the release of livestock exhibitions at 10 p.m.

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