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Quarter Horses Facts | Interesting Facts On The Quarter Horse?

Posted By: JR

i need just 4 rly fun, interesting facts on the quarter horse. but i can take more than just 4. i dont care how many you give me just as long as they are rly cool facts. help me please!!!! thank you :))

They are the fastest horse over short distances. They are called “quarter” horses because they are the fastest horses over a quarter mile sprint. They are descendents of english horses bred with the offspring of conquistador horses.They are very versatile and can excell in any discipline like: pleasure, dressage, jumping, driving, trail, racing, and cow work.They can can be any color and are 14-16 hands tall.There are two body types. Stock: compact and muscular, but very agile. Racing: slightly taller with smoother muscles, used for racing.

Hmm, out of the top of my head, a quarter horse can be purchased with a quarter. It also has heads on one side and tails on the other side, but it would be hard to flip.

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