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Trojan Horse Facts | Can Someone Help Me About A Trojan Horse Malware?

Posted By: JR

Okay so today, like any other normal day, I was browsing the net. I was initially on Facebook, then when I opened a new tab (Google Chrome) to go on Tumblr, Google Chrome suddenly crashed. Well not suddenly, but when I opened the tab and typed in “tumblr.com” (like what I usually do) it wouldn’t load then a message popped up from my “Anti Virus” saying that there is “threat detected” and it read “Trojan Horse”.After that Google Chrome won’t open anymore and I was forced to uninstall it. When I went on Safari to download Google Chrome again, just after it finishes downloading, the same message from my Anti Virus pops up.I know what the Trojan Horse malware can do and I’m really worried, I share my laptop with my dad sometimes and they’re all blaming me about the virus. I know I probably got it from some website I opened accidentally or the things that I download, but I want Google Chrome back. I tried downloading and downloading but the same thing happens over and over. It won’t install.I guess I can settle with Safari or download a different browser like Firefox but I’m more used to Google Chrome (and in my opinion, it’s much better). But the browser is not only my problem, but also the fact that my laptop is infected with the Trojan Horse malware.I really need help. I guess I could get my laptop checked, but I want to know if there’s anything I can do first before spending money.Please and thank you.* Note: Just in case you need to know what the Anti Virus software I have is, my brother installed “AVG Anti Virus” way back when we still used to share before he got his own laptop. And I just left it there. If you need to know more info kindly email me at: “xp.vain@yahoo.com”

AVG is the problem. The latest updates from this morning caused AVG to detect software’s such as Malwarebytes’ Antimalware, Quicktime and Chrome as a Trojan. AVG is aware of the issue and are expected to put out updates shortly to fix this.Any software’s that AVG disabled by their detections will have to be reinstalled after their updates to replace the files that they flagged as a threat and removed.After the past 6 months and AVG caused pc’s to crash with their updates and now this, I would be finding another Antivirus software to use–Microsoft Security Essentials-Avira-Avast-All FreeFor help with the Malwarebytes issue see their Forumhttp://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=71085Thread at AVGhttp://forums.avg.com/ww-en/avg-free-forum?sec=thread&act=show&id=139561

Can you do a system Restore?

From what you said it sounds like your anti-virus thinks google chrome is the trojan.

When you scan your laptop do you get anything saying a trojan was detected? If not, try looking through AVG settings, see if you can tell it which programs are safe, if you can, install chrome and tell AVG its safe, then run chrome and see if the warning message pops up again.

Download malware bytes>install>update definitions>scan, this can be done in safe mode or normal? Now running more than 1 browser there has to be a dedicated default browser, I suggest IE comes with the Operating system so make this default and deny all the others, this is to avoid conflict for the PC, it doesn’t prevent the way you use them. They all want to be default when you install them. AVG may have the definitions out of date. AVG 2011 is no longer a freebie? If you want a decent freebie, I suggest Avast, with on board Firewall

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