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Types Of Horses | Melissa And Doug Pasture Pals – Bringing The Farm Alive At Your …

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With Melissa and Doug pasture pals, the farm comes to life in your living room. No animals are more adorable than those down on the farm. This is especially true with horses. Unlike the other farm animals, the horse along with the dogs and cats are never food on the American table. This is mainly out of respect for this prestigious animal and all they have done for mankind over the centuries.

The set of Pasture Pals consist of 12 different types of horses. Each one of them is a different kind of breed of horse. The difference is more than just the color of their hair and size but the job function they are best at. There are those that are built for speed and riding like the Appaloosa, Thoroughbred and Arabian horses. The quarter horse was the work horse of the west. Many say it is a cross breed, but for any cowboy that had one as a friend, it was loyal above any other. The Tennessee Walker is known for being the fastest walker in the world; no other animal can keep up. The majestic Clydesdale and the Belgium are the draft horse that can pull immense weights. The Belgium is the father of almost all draft horses and has been around since the time of Caesar. They are also the ones that carried the heavy armored Knights of the medieval times.

There are a total of 12 different Melissa and Doug pasture pals for your child to fall in love with. No one can resist their elegance, charm, and charisma for long.

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